Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sept-Oct Memoir/Personal Essay Class Early Registration Reminder

I interrupt the final week of August for this message: Is that the smell of pencils in the air?

Even if you are not a teacher, don't have school age children, or don't much like the end of summer, if you're like a lot of other folks, something about the month of September triggers an itch…to sign up for a class, get busy with a project, buckle down, produce. If for you that includes working on the craft of nonfiction writing – or you know someone who might be interested – allow me to pass along a reminder.

The early bird registration discount for my ONLINE Memoir & Personal Essay Creative Nonfiction 4x4 class ends at midnight August 28. It's an affordable, four-week class covering four key topics of creative nonfiction, beginning September 13. Click here for details.

You may now resume your summer idyll. Or is that idle?


Alyssa said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm totally interested in signing up, but have a question. Can I e-mail you? :)


Lisa Romeo said...

Hi Alyssa,
Of course - use the "email me" link on the left side bar of the blog, or the link in the class post.
- Lisa

Uli. said...

For anyone who may be on the fence -- I took this class in the Spring and I HIGHLY recommend it. Lisa is a great teacher; her lessons are packed with explanations, examples, and inspiration, and she gives precision-guided and insightful feedback. I can't wait to take another one of her classes.