The Writers Circle (Northern NJ) Spring registration open. I'm teaching in Summit, Ridgewood, Montclair.

The Writers Circle - In-person classes in Northern NJ

I am delighted to teach with The Writers Circle, offering in-person classes in several locations in northern NJ. Spring 2015 is now open for registration.

Adult Writers Circle Workshop  any genre).  (Summit & Montclair locations)
Whether you're just dabbling with an idea, have a full length project in draft, or anything in between, the Circle provides a supportive, welcoming environment where you can work freely on whatever projects inspire you most. You will explore and develop your writing week after week through the insights, guidance and open discussions of the group and instructor. Craft issues like structure, point-of-view, character development, pace, and voice are inevitably addressed through the natural progression of each writer's offerings. With great respect for each member of the circle, these very special workshops take on a life of their own as writers learn to trust and rely on the ongoing critique and inspiration as the Circle moves them toward completion and eventual publication. Monday mornings in Summit; Wednesday evenings in Montclair. 

Memoir & Personal Essay - Class.  Ridgewood location (new!).
In this workshop that draws from the world around us and within, participants can work on developing short and long forms of personal essay, memoir, literary journalism, travel, flash nonfiction, or other nonfiction narratives. The emphasis will be on developing strong skills to transform experiences from life and the real world into compelling prose that engages and moves discriminating readers. Topics will include developing voice and tone; using dialogue, scene and details; rhythm and language; and experimenting with structure and form. Publication will also be discussed. Thursday mornings in Ridgewood.

Advanced Creative Nonfiction  - Workshop. (Summit Location)
This workshop is open to writers working on one or more nonfiction projects. Memoir, essay, journalism, how-to, criticism, biography, service, business, Op-Ed, travel, and more nonfiction forms are welcome. Writers will address craft issues (including voice, structure/organization, point-of-view, character development, scenes, dialogue, pace, and style), as they join a supportive group of experienced peers sharing valuable ongoing critique and inspiration, all moving toward completion and eventual publication. Note: Admission is by invitation or submission. Monday evenings in Summit.

Be sure to visit The Writers Circle site to see the full schedule of classes and workshops--weekdays, evenings, and weekends--for adults, teens, and children in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, novel writing, screenwriting, young adult fiction, memoir, book proposals, comic/graphic novels, writing fundamentals, the short story, and more. Also, check out the on-going Speakers Series.

Questions? Email me:  LisaRomeoWrites   at   gmail   dot  com