Author Consulting - Helping YOU Build a Book PR Plan

  • Your book is going to be published soon, and you know it's time to put together a marketing/publicity plan.
  • Your book just hit the market and now you're trying to play catch-up on the PR plan.
  • Your book's publication date is a long way off, but you've heard it's best to work on a book PR plan as far in advance as possible.
  • Your book was published a while ago but you don't want it to fade from view, so you need a new or rejuvenated publicity plan.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in as an author, one thing is for certain: you need to get moving on the PR front. And, perhaps you've come to the realization that you could benefit from some expert assistance. But who can afford to hire a PR person to take on the job?  No, you're going to do your book PR yourself.  But you need guidance, support, new ideas, expert insight.

That's where I come in.  I spent 12 years as a public relations specialist, first for a major Manhattan PR agency and later as an independent consultant. That, combined with my work as a writer, editor, freelance journalist, and editorial consultant, translates into a unique combination of expertise.

I don't do the PR for you.

I help you develop a sensible, realistic, customized plan you can implement yourself over a period of time.  

Here's how it works:

1. You send me your book and I take a very close look.  While I'm doing that, you gather your thoughts, fill me in on what you've done already.

2. We spend an hour brainstorming, talking about your book and your goals. I make preliminary suggestions, give you ideas, point you to good resources. We make lists, you take notes, we think up an initial battle plan.

3. You work the plan, try out some of the ideas, make strides (and mistakes). Meanwhile, you email me with questions, problems, new ideas as they arise and I help, guide, support, listen.

4. We have a second one-hour session (about 3-4 weeks later), and talk about how things are going, and by then I will likely have additional suggestions for you. We evaluate your efforts to date, and you fine tune your continuing plan.

If you're local we can have the two consulting sessions in person.  If not, phone or Skype works just fine.

I work with either traditionally-published or self-published authors. We work at first within your comfort zone, and then I push you out of it.  And, I'm highly sensitive to the fact that the ideas and plans we hatch together have to be budget-conscious; I won't recommend you go off and do something costly.  Speaking of cost.... 

Fee:  $175  for steps 1 - 4
         $275  for steps 1-4, PLUS an additional 6 weeks of email/phone support

Just to be clear:  I do NOT implement a P.R. plan for you - I help you figure out what you can do on your own.

To sign up or ask me questions, please email: 

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