Build Your Own Online 4x4: Creative Nonfiction Class - March 2- 30, 2013

Build Your Own Online 4x4 

Built on the model of Lisa Romeo's popular private Creative Nonfiction 4x4 Series:  Four key elements of CNF in four weeks - but this time, you pick the four topics.

Want to work on specific creative nonfiction craft skills?  Want plenty of private feedback?  But also want to be able to *talk* to other nonfiction writers from time to time? 

Then build your own 4x4 class.  

Select four topics from the list of 17 below, and focus on each one for a single week over the month of March 2013. Choose the four that will will most help enhance your writing at this particular point in your writing craft development.  

Build your 4x4 from these 17 possibilities:

1.   Writing in Scenes
2.   Accessing and Working with Incomplete Memories
3.   Beginnings and Endings
4.   What Really Happened and Why it Doesn't Matter
5.   Writing About Loved Ones (Do, Don't, and Don't You Dare)
6.   Revise (and Like It!)
7.   Transitions, Segues, and Leaps
8.   Humor in Nonfiction
9.   Less is More and the Art of Writing Shorter
10. A Strong *I* Narrator
11. Narrative in Nonfiction
12. Jumping Sandboxes: Try another genre to help your nonfiction craft
13. Trauma, Tragedy, Sadness & Grief: Make it moving, not maudlin
14. Dynamic Dialogue
15. Draft to Draft: Incremental Revisions and Dramatic Impact
16. The Power of Details
17. Voice in Nonfiction

Each week you will receive a lesson, reading materials, examples, a list of assignments to choose from; then when you are ready to turn in work that week, you will get in-depth private feedback on your pages. Also take advantage of unlimited email exchanges, and an optional weekly phone call. Plus, stay connected with other writers doing their own CNF 4x4 in March, via a private online discussion board.

Once you register and pay via PayPal (using the appropriate button on the left side of the blog), I will contact you to get your list of four topics. [If you wish to pay by check, please contact me first.] 

$199. - New students. Former students/clients - $189.00

If you have any questions, please email me -- LisaRomeoWrites at gmail dot com

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