Perfect Your Pitch (for freelance writers)

Perfect Your Pitch  

Are you a freelance writer or blogger who frequently pitches story ideas to websites, magazines, newspapers, blogs, or newsletters? If you have a pitch—or two or 22—that is not working, that keeps getting rejected, or a new one you want to perfect before you send it out for the first time, I might be able to help.

How it works:

You pay $100 on account in advance, then I charge it off to you at $25 per pitch. (You don't have to "use up" all four pitches right away; your account stays open for 12 months.) 

You send me:

-  the pitch (anything from a rough initial draft to the current one you've been submitting)

- any questions/concerns you have

- a list of venues that have declined (or venues you are targeting)

- a copy of those rejections (if they said more than "no thanks")

- notes about what kinds of  venues you hope the story to land in 

I may ask you a few questions, then I:

 - provide feedback and edit suggestions on the query
-  pass on thoughts, recommendations about target venues

 You revise.

Then, if you like, send it back to me for one additional pass and/or questions.

If you need a phone consult along the way, that's charged at $15 for about 15 minutes (not usually necessary, but available).

Turnaround time is about a week. Rush 24-hour turnaround is available for an additional $15.

Payment is either by PayPal (button below); or Square Cash; or credit card. 

Questions? Email me.

Image: Flickr/CreativeCommons - Brianna Hager

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