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Writing Coaching - Customized Assistance

Writing Coaching -- Customized Support, Guidance, Advice, Feedback

Writing coaching is highly customized, so it looks different for every writer. 

But in all cases, first, we talk by phone (or if you're local, in person) about your writing goals for the month; we brainstorm, set goals, make a schedule. 

I work with fiction and nonfiction writers, any style or genre/category, on projects that range from short essays, short stories, blog development, and short memoir pieces, up to full novel or memoir manuscripts-in-progress, book ideas just taking shape, etc.

You then write (up to 8,000 words, any genre), and I read your work and provide a high level of detailed feedback, editing suggestions, comments. 

Or, if you do not want or need critical feedback at the moment, I focus solely on helping you identify, plan, work through, and achieve specific writing/writing-related goals and tasks, and stay in motion on writing projects (this can include revisions, manuscript drafts, outlining, research, submission strategy, organization, MFA program selection, book marketing plans, etc.).

In addition, if you have other writing goals/needs, such as: help with organizing a large writing project; preparing an MFA application/portfolio; planning and executing submissions (mainstream media or literary); or anything else -- then we come up with a plan, schedule, and feedback system that will help you move forward.

Either way, we email all month long (if you want), and/or talk by phone (again, optional) – about the project(s), and about any aspect of your writing and writing life. I can point you to resources that will be of help to your growth as a writer, such as craft books and articles, writing classes and programs, literary communities, etc.

Cost: $275 (nonrefundable) Available by calendar month or any 4-week period. (If no editorial feedback is desired, the fee may be lower, depending on your needs/projects. Ask!)

Writers who I have coached have had work published (or forthcoming) in a number of venues, including: the New York Times, More, Literary Mama, N (Nantucket) Magazine, AARP, The Healing Muse, Skirt!, Scholastic, Next Avenue, Chicken Soup for the Soul (multiple titles), Brain Child, Huffington Post, Babble, Motherlode (NY Times blog), War Literature and the ArtsEight Stone Press, KQED (Bay Area public radio), The Quotable 12Brevity Blog (2013 Mystery & Memory contest), Beliefnet, Grand Piano Passion, The Quotable, The Tao of Place (anthology), This I Believe, Berkeley Times, BaristaKids; Monday Coffee (anthology), NJ Family, YourTango, DesistFilm, and many others.

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