Short Published Works

Some of my short published works

Work forthcoming in:

>GreenPrints Magazine
>Next Avenue

Essays and Narrative Nonfiction - Literary Journals and Sites

>31 Hours (essay contest) - "43 Lies About My Child"
>Barnstorm - "Tip Not Included"
>BioStories - "Not a Shore Thing" 
>Blue Lyra Review - "Not Quite Meet-Cute" (Listed in Notable Essays, Best American Essays 2016)
>Brain, Child - "I Survived Postpartum Depression, But it Never Left Me" 
>Brevity - "On the Near Side of the Tracks" 
>Celebrities in Disgrace - "My Letter to Michael Jackson: One Year Later" 
>Change Seven - "Funereal" 
>Cleaver Magazine - "Break a Leg" 
>Front Porch - "Your Boyfriend's Back"  (nominated for Pushcart Prize)
>Full Grown People - "Must Love Horses, Must Love Dogs" 
>Gravel Magazine - "Coffee Regular"  
>Halfway Down the Stairs - "Eyes, Hands, Hotel, Hospital"
>The Healing Muse - "The Nurse We Needed" 
>Harpur Palate - "An Attractive Portal to Uncertainty" (vol.16, no. 1 -Summer/Fall 2016)
>Hippocampus Magazine - "Going Through Your Things/Superhero"
>Hippocampus Magazine - "The Amazing Technicolor Horse Dream" 
>Longreads - "What to Do With a Man Who has a Story, and a Gun"
>Litbreak Magazine - "Searching for Silvio" 
>Lunch Ticket - "Conversations I Can't Talk About"
>The Manifest Station - "The Horsey Set" 
>Motherwell - "Motherhood and Waiting: From Boys to Men" 
>The Nervous Breakdown - "Unspoken Words that Begin with N (even when they don't)"
>Our Past Loves (2015 contest) - "Gray" (honorable mention - scroll down at site)
>Ozone Park Journal - "When the Bee Stings"
>Pithead Chapel - "Smoking Guns"
>Quay: A Journal of the Arts - "Two Weeks in Vegas" 
>River Teeth (Beautiful Things series) - "A Dress for the Wedding" 
>Sport Literate - "A Well Jumped Fence"
>Sunlight Press - "Reminiscing with my TV Friends"
>Sweet! - "Cradle and All"
> Synthaesthesia Magazine - "Sound and Fury, Signifying" (p.36) 
>Tiferet Journal - "Hope is a Voice"
>Tishman Review - "Smoke and Silk, Top Note and Finish" (p.86)
>Under the Gum Tree - "Down at the Diner"
>Under the Sun - "Old Men Who Write" (nominated for Best American Essays
>Word Riot - "The List of Alternative Theories"

Newspaper / Print Magazines

>The New York Times - "When a Child Outgrows the Safety Net""Santa? Don't be Silly. But Still..." ; "A Report Card Ritual Destroyed"
>O-The Oprah Magazine - "Lisa R's Diet Diary"
>Pittsburgh Post Gazette - "How to Write the Holiday Letter"


> Flash Nonfiction Funny: 71 Very Humorous, Very True, Very Short Stories (Woodhall Press 2018) - "The Long Pink Line"
The Best Advice in Six Words -St. Martin's Press 2015 (contributor)
>The Book of Hope: 31 True Stories from Real People Who Didn't Give Up (Silver Owl Publications) - "Why Can't it Be Me?"
>Chicken Soup for the Soul: Random Acts of Kindness,101 Stories of Compassion and Paying it Forward. "A Good Bet"  (2017)
>Cup of Comfort for Writers (Adams Media) - "I Remember Anna"
>Feed Me: Writers Dish on Food, Eating, Weight, and Body Image (Random House) - "Plus What?"
>Michael Jackson for the Soul (Handymaiden Books) - "Thrilled" 
> Notable Essays List, Best American Essays 2016 ("Not Quite Meet Cute, from Blue Lyra Review, Spring 2015)
>O's Big Book of Happiness (Oxford House) - "Lisa R's Diet Diary"
>Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee (Blue Lobster Books) - "All in Good Timing"
>Special Gifts: The Heartache, Happiness, and Hope in Raising a Special Needs Child (Wyatt-MacKenzie) - "Thump"
>Stonecoast Lines (Warren Machine) - "My Father's Hands"
Unfinished Chapters (Anthology) - "The Horsey Set" 
>Why We Ride: Women Writers on the Horses in Their Lives (Seal Press) - "It Always Happens One Summer"
>Women Writing on Family (Key Publishing/Canada) - "For Better, For Worse, For Publication"; "Interview with Meredith Hall"

Short Essays in Popular/Mainstream Media

>An Empowered Spirit - "An Empowering Surge, After the Storm"

>Babble - "The Other Mothers Patrol"
>Baristanet - "The Holiday Trifle: Not Trivial at All"; "The Gift I Keep on Giving"; "Thankful for the Good China, and the Paper Plates"; "When Elvis Left the World, but Maybe Not the Vegas Hilton"; "Valentine's Day: Isn't it Romantic? Or, not."; "The Day Before the Day We All Remember""Hunkering Down for Hurricane Sandy Without our Go-to Weather Geek"
>Brushes With Fame/Smith Magazine - "Thrilled"  
> Covey Club - "The Unpredictability of Grief"
>Fifty Is The New Fifty - "Not Enough Ways to Remember Dad" 
>Grown and Flown - "I'm Paying for More than Four Years of College. So What?"
"March Madness with my Son: Why I Love this Crazy Month"
>Inside Jersey/ - "Mom, Me, and the Shirley Temple Room"
>Motherwords - "Not too Little, Not too Late"; "Shoelaces and Chips"
>Mr. Beller's Neighborhood - "Jersey Nights on Broadway"
>NJ My Way/NJ Monthly - "Who Was That Super Couple?"
>Polishing Stone - "The Big Turn-off" 
>Purple Clover - "A Tale of Two Thanksgivings""A Father, A California Road Trip, and the Polyester Mafia" ; "Happy 10th Birthday Eat, Pray, Love"; "The Lucy and Ethel Years"
>Role Reboot - "Mother's Day Humbug"
>Six Word Memoir - Backstories/Behind the Six, "B.B. King"
>Skirt Magazine - "Depression Era Quilt"
>Victoria Magazine - "The Tack Trunk"
>Your Tango - 26 essays on marriage, motherhood, and midlife

Features / Humor / Freelance Journalism

>Baristanet - "Coffee with Amanda Freitag"; "Coffee With Michael Uslan: Batman Producer""Same Time Last Year—Paying for College: Forms, Good Intel and…Wine"; "The Crossword Puzzle Turns 100"

>The Chronicle of the Horse - 50+ articles, editorials, news, features, and columns
>Culture 11 - "An Annual Lesson in Procrastination"
>EquiSport - 10 feature articles
>Erma Bombeck Humor Writers - "The Long Pink Line"
>Errant Parent - "Sorry, Charlie"
>Growing Parent - "Postpartum Depression: Real, and Really Treatable"
>Hudson County Magazine - "Interview with Gene Heller"
>Inc. - short FOB news item
>The Illustrated Palm Beach - 3 features
>L'Anne Hippique - "The Year in U.S. Show Jumping"
>Love & Marriage Bride's Guide - "Honeymoon Hideaway: Lancaster County"
>Mom Writers Literary Magazine - "A Well Timed Movement"
>Morris County Magazine - "When it Hurts to be a Child"
>New Jersey Bride - 8 service articles
>New Jersey Family - 5 features and service articles
>Newport Illustrated - 3 features
>Patch - "Clue: Where Crossword Creator Lived. Ten Letters. Answer: Cedar Grove"; "Frank Sinatra and the Cop: Sinatra Expert Charles Granata" 
>Tack 'n Togs Merchandising  - 10 feature service articles on equestrian business
>Your Tango - "I Like NPR, He Likes NASCAR"
>300 articles published in 40+ equestrian publications, domestic & international

Articles, Essays, Guest Posts, Interviews on the Art, Craft, and Business of Writing:

>Absolute Write - "Who Would Like to Read: Tips for Giving Readings"

>Author Accelerator/Medium - "In Search of the Right Structure" (interview)
>Assay Journal - "Report on AWP 2018 Conference Panel on Creative Nonfiction Chapbooks"
>Baristanet - "Coffee With Christina Baker Kline, on Fast Track with Orphan Train Novel""Coffee With…D.T. Max, Montclair Author of Acclaimed David Foster Wallace Biography"   
> Bloom - "Author Interview Initiation: You Want to Know What?" 
>Brevity Blog - "A Little Bit of Brevity By My Side""The Long Way Through No to a Big Short Yes", "Some Thoughts on Choosing the Right Writers Conference"
> Fairs Fair - "Reading What I Want to in New Jersey"
>ForeWord Reviews - "Bookless"
>Hippocampus Magazine - "Conference Speaker & Session Preview" 
> Hunger Mountain Blog - "When Prose Turns to Horses, Remember the Humans
>Jim Breslin's Blog - "Starting with Goodbye: Lisa Romeo on Writing"
>LargeHearted Boy - "Lisa Romeo's Playlist for her Memoir"
>Linda Sienkkiewicz Blog - "Remember When Writing Was Fun?"
>Mediabistro - "Is an MFA a Boot to a Freelance Career?" 
>The Memoir Project - "How to Add Humor to a Sad Memoir"
>Motherlogue -  "Write Mama, Write. A little, a lot."
>Practicing Writing - "On Crafting a Contest Winner" 
>Poets & Writers - "Writers Recommend"
>Push Pull Books - "Lisa Romeo on Personal Essays by Women"  
>The Quivering Pen - "My First (Disastrous) Writing Retreat"
>Write Here, Write Now - "Writers! Get Out of Your Own Way"
>SheWrites - "Writers, Photos, Fear, and Me: Getting Back in the Picture"
>Stonecoast MFA Community Blog - "Five Years Later and What Do I Have to Show? Good Question" 
>Story Dam - "D is for Directions"
>Submittable Blog - "Want to Know How Lit Journal Editors Think?"  
>The Review Review - "How Lit Journal Publications Paved the Way to a Published Memoir"
>Tiny Lights - "How Do You Get Started?
> Women Writers, Women's Books - "If You Give a Writer a Book Contract, She's Going to Want...Everything"
> Write Naked - "Busy Day of an Author-Editor-MFA Mentor"
>The Writers Circle Blog - "Stuff My Writing Students Say"


>ForeWord Reviews - 50 Book Reviews

Awards, Contests, etc.

> Notable Essays List, Best American Essays 2016 ("Not Quite Meet Cute, from Blue Lyra Review, Spring 2015)

> Pushcart Prize nomination (from Front Porch Journal, Winter 2015)
> Best American Essays nomination (from Under the Sun, August 2013)
> Finalist, Rose Metal Press Creative Nonfiction Chapbook Contest 2016
> Honorable Mention, Our Past Loves Essay Contest 2015
> Semi-finalist, Subito Press, manuscript contest 2014
> Finalist, SheWrites/Seal Press Memoir Proposal contest 2013
> Winner, 31 Hours Essay Contest
> Second Place, Charles Simic Graduate Writing contest, 2007
> Honorable Mention, Mothering Heights Essay contest
> National Graduate Writing Conference, Binghamton University, 2006


>A Celebration of Mothers (anthology) - "Walking to the Bagel Shop with my Son" 

>Bad Mother Chronicles - "The Stress List"
>Broken Circle: A Gathering of Poems Against Hunger (Cave Moon Press)- "The Cooks on TV"
>The Final Lilt of Songs (South Mountain Publishing) - "Little Bottles"
>Letters to Michael (Alana Thomas Books) - "One of Those"
>Literary Mama - "Flight of Fancy"
>Love Your Body (multi media exhibit, Salem College of Fine Arts) - "Eat. Food. Love. Binge. Any Questions?"
>Vida - "The Exquisite Ones" (# 111)

Ghostwriting (that I'm allowed to talk about!)

We're No Fun Anymore (Routledge).

New Jersey Monthly; Practical Horseman; The Counselor; Pediatric Nursing; On Location; Condo Townhouse Life; Footwear News; Appliance Manufacturer; AV Video

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