Thursday, August 9, 2007

When You Gotta Go (and write about it)

Sometimes we want to talk about something just because it's fun, or because we want to vent or (try to) be witty, or we just have to get something out of our heads, and because we are writers, of course, we do so in print. That's what I did when I got very, very tired of being ribbed about needing to use the, ahem, facilities, seemingly all the time. It's a short read (just like all visits to the aforementioned facilities). And, you get to discover, if you haven't already, a nifty little site for short bursts of personal writing.

1 comment:

Marie E. LaConte said...

I love it, Lisa! You've got courage, writing about that, writing it so well, and publishing it, besides.

I once started a similar essay about...well, never mind. I've got to work up more courage.