Friday, October 17, 2008

Jobs in Editorial, Media, Publishing: Gloomy, yes. Maybe this will help.

Every week lately, I hear from or read about an acquaintance or two who have lost jobs in journalism, editorial, media, or publishing due to downsizing, closures, mergers and other situations. Recently, a laid-off friend and I compiled a list of job boards and resources. For anyone it may help, I'm posting it here. It's by no means comprehensive and is more reflective of that friend's current interests; but with the economy as it is, I can't see keeping it to myself.

Here's hoping you don't (and won't) need it. If you do, I hope you find something that is in at least some important way better than what you left behind.


Michelle O'Neil said...


You are an infinate source of useful information! Visiting your blog is like getting presents every time I stop. Thank you!!!

Ray said...

Lisa - Despite the layoff news, I see thousands of high paying media related jobs posted on larger employment sites too - (networking for professionals) (aggregated listings) (jobs matched to your skills)

Good luck to those that need jobs!