Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Fridge Clean-Out

An extra-overstuffed fridge full of links and love this week. Hope you find something of interest.

► Those of you who write about the experience of parenting (this includes father-types, too), and would like a byline in the smart, literate magazine
Brain, Child, will be interested in this podcast interview with the editors.

► It's not every day you get to congratulate an old grade school friend on an Oscar nomination, but I get to do it today: Kudos to Ellen Kuras for her Oscar nod for best documentary feature.

► I don't know about the whole join up pitch at the end, but I kind of like the stop-whining-and-work-harder tone and grit of the
No Recession For Me guy.

► Speaking of the economic collapse, I've been checking in at
Recessionwire, and especially liking Love in the Time of Layoffs, which doesn't surprise me because I admire just about everything Deborah Siegel writes over at Girl With Pen.

► I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, and good thing, because by now, I would have broken them all. But I like what this guy says about
picking three words to act as motivators throughout the year. Nope, don't have it narrowed down to three yet. Working. On. It.

► Boy, was I sad to see Publisher's Weekly editor-in-chief Sara Nelson
shown the door last week in a sweeping reorganization. She's been gracious in her comments ever since (no surprise), but it's still disturbing to see her bewildered hurt and to be reminded of her clear and unabashed devotion to books and writers, in this piece.

► I'm not going to the
AWP Conference in Chicago next week, so why why why did I click over and study the crammed schedule, filled with dozens of seminars and presentations? If it was a half-baked attempt to assure myself that I wouldn't be missing much, well, like all of my baking efforts, it failed miserably.Then I started getting the emails and postcards and Tweets and Facebook alerts about the evening get-togethers, from fellow MFA alumni, far-off writers friends, and journals I adore. Very hard not to start searching flights. Not so hard when I look at the checkbook. Meanwhile, I've recruited a few intrepid writer pals who are Windy City-bound to provide a guest post or two.

► Whoa! How did I never stumble over this – an incisive
blog about the inner workings at the New York Times.

Have a great weekend!

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