Monday, May 4, 2009

Self-Promotion 101 for Writers: Point Readers to Your Work. Check.

Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Since I do it rarely on the blog, I don't feel guilty about it one bit.

One of my personal essays is running in Skirt, a print and online magazine. This one's especially dear to me. Although it recalls a time in my life that was particularly painful, by looking at that period through a particular lens, I came to an understanding of an elemental truth beyond the current misery.

Here's the opening.....

When my first child, Sean, was nine months-old, I regarded myself as a failure at motherhood. My husband, Frank, would come in from work each day to find me at the kitchen table, sobbing. I would explain it all again: I am miserable. I am no good at this. I do not know how to be a mother.
I needed to know I could do something right. A quilt seemed like a worthy project. Systematic. Sequential. One square after another...
You can read the complete essay here on the Skirt! site.

Tomorrow, we shall return to our regularly scheduled (non self-promoting) programming. Thanks for reading.


anne said...

Wonderful essay! Love the self-promotion you're doing too - nothing wrong with steering your audience to your work!

Do you know about this place:

It's in Paducah, Kentucky. Would love to go there sometime.

Quilts are a sewer's canvas - and the designs made by quilters can be very expressive.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Work it, girl! Self-promote your little heart out!

That was a great piece and the more you promote your wonderful work the more people get to read it.