Sunday, September 13, 2009

Son-day Supplement

My 11-year-old wrote a poem the first week at school. I asked him if he would like to publish it on my blog (hoping my readers might indulge me this one time), and he accepted. I didn't help with a single syllable.

I am

I am caring and daring.
I wonder what the world would be like without electricity.
I hear the planets talking.
I see an alien space ship.
I want the world to be cleaner.
I am caring and daring.

I pretend to use the force.
I feel a castle made of chocolate.
I touch soft fluffy clouds.
I worry about my brother.
I cry about my grandfather’s death.
I am caring and daring.

I understand what laws mean.
I say all are equal.
I dream of inventing a new type of computer.
I try to help my friends.
I hope I will live for a very long time.
I am caring and daring.

- Paul


Isaac said...

That's pretty insightful for an 11-year-old ... or for a 30-year-old.

Erika D. said...

That is wonderful. Truly wonderful.

Ann Anderson Evans said...

Like mother like son. It must make you feel wonderful to see your talent passed along

Laura said...

Wow, I agee with the previous comment. Like mother like son. Your boys are terrific!