Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out. Links for Writers: September 17th Edition

+ The Wall Street Journal, is morphing constantly of late, and among dozens of other changes, the paper is launching a stand-alone weekly book review section.

+ I once came up with 236 cooking- and food-related idioms for a magazine article assignment back in the 1990s (which, sadly was killed; or should I say it got put on the back burner?). But that was just a list. Smithsonian magazine tackled the origins of a dozen food idioms in this piece; and some of the comments will lead you to more.

+ In this piece at Slate, Jack Shafer makes a case that, “Books are being replaced by reading,” and aside from whether that’s good for reading, he laments the passing of the weighty physical and mental importance of the physical book.

+ Will the 99-cent literary essay catch on?

+ For those who write about the motherhood experience, take a loot at Milk and Ink.

+ And finally, check out Douglas Copeland’s “A Dictionary of the Near Future” in the New York Times, for fun gems like: “KARAOKEAL AMNESIA - Most people don’t know the complete lyrics to almost any song, particularly the ones they hold most dear. (See also Lyrical Putty),” and “LYRICAL PUTTY - The lyrics one creates in one’s head in the absence of knowing a song’s real lyrics.”

Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the 99 cent essay.

Also...I checked out Milk & Ink and look forward to reading more over there. Thanks for the link!

Michelle O'Neil