Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean Out – Links for Writers, December 17th Edition

►Guess I'm getting old, but I love this: Defunct: A Literary Repository for the Ages. It's a new online destination for great writing about great (or odd, or just memorable) stuff that was loved (or just ubiquitous) and is no longer around. I love it even more because it's edited by Robin Hemley, a nonfiction author I love, and the director of the nonfiction writing program at the University of Iowa. Is that enough love for ya?

► Do you have a Moment? The deadline had been extended (to Jan. 15) for this compilation (from the editors of Six Word memoirs) of 750-word nonfiction pieces about a moment that's impacted your life.

► Matador offered a glimpse of what some other online sites are paying for freelance pieces. While we're on the subject, The Awl has announced it will begin paying writers in 2011.

►On Twitter, spammers most often find people to follow based on searches for certain words and phrases that appear in tweets. Here's a quick list of a few words that attract spammers. Authors apparently, might want to think twice before announcing a book DEAL.

► Brevity Journal's nonfiction writing craft essays are all at your fingertips here.

►No one wants to think about losing all those words written and now living in a computer file. Here's some sound back-up advice for writers, over at the Mystery Writing is Murder blog.

► Finally, poet and University of Texas writing professor Dean Young is in need of a heart transplant and the funds to finance it. If you can donate, Tony Hoagland provides the details here.

Have a great weekend.

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