Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, March 4, 2011

►Over at Writers for the Red Cross, all this month you can bid on "publishing-related items and services donated by authors, publicists, agents, and editors."

►Are there really fewer women's bylines on OpEd and other opinion pages simply because women writers don't submit as frequently as men?

►For years, I've heard only good things – raves, actually – about Robert McKee's Story Seminar (late March/early April in New York City). Originally geared to screenwriters, I know many novelists and nonfiction writers who claim their approach to narrative was transformed by attending.

►The New York Times Sunday Magazine has killed the On Language column after 32 years. But there is a Facebook page urging its return.

►If the Borders in your backyard recently closed, there's a list of alternative independent bookstores by location over at Reluctant Habits.

►Plot got you puzzled? Check out The Plot Whisperer.

►I'm wondering what the slush pile is looking like over at Akashic Books since publisher Johnny Temple said in this interview that his company still accepts (welcomes!) non-agented submissions.

►Finally, sometimes I'm actually glad I live in New Jersey. When library cuts loomed, Jersey library supporters took to Twitter with cleverly inspired tweets.

Have a great weekend!


kario said...

Well, Johnny Temple may say that in his interview, but according to their website, they aren't accepting anything right now because they are too busy. Sigh.

I love knowing that there are edgy, independent publishers out there, though. Keeps my hopes alive.

Thanks for your links, as always!

Man Price said...

I attended one of Robert McKee's early seminars and loved it. It still inspires me. Someone else has said that **IF** you learn well by reading, McKee's book covers everything in the seminar. I cannot comment on that, but if you can't afford the seminar, check your library.