Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, May 20, 2011

►Do you hate the smell of rejection in the morning? So do these guys but they have a suggestion.

►I'm guessing every high school English teacher and college freshman comp instructor is groaning over the idea of "logical" punctuation.

►If your fiction is plodding along, maybe your plot needs help. Check out the Plot Whisperer blog's author interviews.

►I missed this minor brouhaha, but apparently there was an uncommon event at the White House – a Poetry Workshop for 77 young poets. Some folks got a bit upset.

►Interesting article on the evolving intersection of blogs, vlogs and tweets, what their authors bring to the reader/viewer conversation, and traditional publishers. Maybe we all need one another after all?

►Sometimes what's good for what ails you, at least if you are a reader, is a "devastatingly sad" book, perhaps one on this list. What's yours?

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