Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing Prompts for 51 Winter Days

Can a short writing prompt, delivered to your email inbox every morning, make a difference in your writing day? If you think it might, if you wonder if it could, if you have no idea but are curious -- consider signing up for my Winter 2013 Prompts Project.

Who are the prompts for?  Writers.

Novelists. Essayists. Bloggers. Poets. Short Story Writers. Dramatists. Writing Teachers. Freelance Writers. Creative Nonfiction Writers. Am I leaving anyone out? 

It's a simple idea, really - read the prompt, see what happens. Maybe it triggers something. Maybe you write something. A single meaningful sentence. A single spontaneous, silly, insignificant sentence - but one that feels good to write.  A few lines. A paragraph. Two. 

Maybe, if it's an off day or you have commitments that don't allow it to be a writing day, that's all you write that day. Maybe the prompt trips you into something more, pries something loose that now has to plow its way onto the page.

Maybe not.

Maybe you save the prompts for another day, when you need a little something something to get going at the keyboard, in your notebook, in your head. A day when the page is blank but you know your mind is not, though it just needs a little shake.

Maybe you delete that day's prompt. See what tomorrow's brings.  Or you pass along a prompt or two or all of them, to the writing class you teach, at the next freewrite in your writing group. Maybe it informs your next blog post, Tumblr, tweet.    

Interested?  Sign up here.*  Be prompt. Emails begin on January 9 (and end on February 28).

* Opt out anytime.

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