Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, March 22, 2013 Edition

> Jody Hedlund breaks down why writers need not feel a hot plume of shame when their work is being critiqued.

> Take that, adverbs. Stephen King hates you.

> A guest post on Gulf Coast journal's blog takes a different look at submission "tips".

> Last month, many venues marked the 50th anniversary of the suicide of poet Sylvia Plath; including Paste Magazine, which offered 27 of her quotes, combined with some of her original ink drawings.

> At JenningsWire, a bunch of strategies for selling books in 2013. The good, the unusual, the practical, the works. Long and loaded with links and analysis.

> Though the book give-away is over, scroll through the comments at this post for helpful advice on combining writing with life, at Writer With a Day Job.

> Though originally intended for screenwriters and directors, Ryan Rivard's pared-down "How to Write a Scene in 11 Steps" seems on-point for any writer.  I'd never heard anyone call a rough first draft a "scribble version" before. I like it.

> Finally -- agree, disagree, prevaricate -- or just nod along with the comment that notes how much fun John Scalzi can be when he's irritated. And he must have been irritated in a big way when he put together this screed for anyone who might ask him to write something for free. 


Amy Morgan said...

Lisa, I love Stephen King's book on writing (it's a staple in my writing library) and now it's given me the gift of the Brain Picking website. I've signed up for their "weekly interestingness digest" - can't wait and I see many hours this weekend being "lost" to looking around the site - thanks as always for a site I would not have found on my own! said...

I am too scared to read his books, but I love Stephen King. Anything he has to say on writing, I listen to it.

He is so very down to earth.