Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, June 21, 2013 Edition

> For essayists who wonder which journals habitually feed the pages of the Best American series (and thus are ideal places to submit), Adam Regn Arvidson has some ideas (and statistics too).

> The Writer magazine has a new website.

> I'm not a fan of cookie-cutter writing advice, including the write-every-day-or-else mandate. Barbara Yoder adds her take, with a reminder that we not only have to find/steal/make time to write, but the important of giving ourselves the time, too.

> A very helpful article by Debra Gwartney on three major pitfalls of memoir writing, namely: an undeveloped *I* narrator character; poorly fleshed out scenes; choosing the wrong tense for your particular story. Good examples, too.

> What a few top women authors will be reading this summer.

> Can you listen to music with lyrics while you are writing?  Some writers can (not me, I like silence or soft instrumental). Masha Hamilton shares her playlist from the writing of her latest novel, chosen with the book's setting and themes in mind.

> Does the buzz of a coffee shop boost your productivity?  So much so that when you work from the peace and quiet (or unproductive buzz of home or office), that you find yourself yearning for it? Then Coffitivity is for you. (hat tip Laraine Herring)

> Finally, if you've been (ahem) procrastinating about signing up for my summer * I Should Be Writing!* Boot Camp for Procrastinators and Busy People...get busy. I begin kicking butt...I mean, helping and supporting writers....on Monday.

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