Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers -- August 30, 2013 Edition

> I love this analysis from debut novelist Amy Sue Nathan on the size of her body and how she figured out why it doesn't matter, even when there's no podium to hide behind at a book event -- or ever. 

> You've probably seen Neil Hilbron's performance of his "OCD" poem by now, but here it is in case you haven't. My 15-year-old son brought it to my attention three days before it went viral. (I guess I've done something a little bit right -- meaning my kid noticing poetry; I don't know Neil at all.)

> Writing at the time of day (or night) when your body and mind are best suited to the task makes sense. But when life circumstances can't be altered, it's also possible to be productive even at non-peak times.

> This site -- and project, and labor of love -- says the World Needs More Love Letters. I won't argue.

> Perhaps because I spent a week in August giving interactive writing workshops at senior living facilities here in New Jersey, I was especially moved by the 96-year-old man who wrote lyrics to honor his recently-deceased wife of 72 years and inspired young musicians to put it to music.

> Need to keep track of your writing time, to sit still and write and not 
get up until...well maybe until you hear an alarm? There's a (free) app for that.

> Have you read Priscilla Gilman's essay in the New York Times Book Review about her son's "problem" of reading too soon, and why she knew it would instead one day serve him? 

> Looking for an additional place to find calls for submission?  Wordcraft's blog runs a list in their Submission Sunday posts; I've found things here I didn't encounter elsewhere.

> And, if you've got a lengthy piece to place, try this list of journals that like it long.

> Finally, what unconventional things have authors done in the name of getting their book better known?  Apparently, nearly everything. And why not?  Many of their *tricks* worked!

Have a great weekend!


drew said...

The essay on body image/size is a good reminder (and well written, too). Thank you.

Barbara McDowell Whitt said...

Lisa, I am eager to read and hear the lyrics of the 96-year-old man who thus chose to honor his wife of 72 years. You always find great links to a variety of sites and posts online. Thank you so much for doing this Friday after Friday.

I would listen to the lyrics now except that I share a living room with my husband and he is watching TV while we ate for our Saturday supper to heat.