Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers - June 27, 2014 Edition

Image: Windell Oskay/Flickr, Creative Commons
> A reminder that The Review Review publishes...yes, reviews of  literary journals and magazines at their site. Here's the link to dozens of them

> I've often mentioned Marion Roach Smith's site for excellent guidance on memoir writing. She's gathered the Twenty Top Tips she's featured from memoir authors over the last year.

> Not in your future (or budget) to travel far for an organized writing retreat? Then plan and take off on a short, not-so-far-away, affordable one of your own, maybe with someone you love (or at least like), like Anna Leahy did recently.

> Sherrey Meyer has many good tips on revising and rewriting a memoir manuscript.

> Over at Sweatpants and Coffee, Jordan Rosenfeld has the inside scoop on Shebooks.

> Anyone can trim a piece of writing with small deletions. But Pamela Erens has learned to like the big cuts -- as in thousands of words. 

> I love the idea of longform nonfiction in digital form which readers pay a small price to read. But then there's this particular reality--a cautionary tale about one writer's experience as a digital bestseller.

> I'm not sure if any of his editors are still giving him work, but here's what one freelance writer earned last year from each venue for each article, online and print.

> Finally, what fun!  The Wall Street Journal's coverage of the  O.Henry Pun-off World Championship.

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