Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Fridge Clean-Out -- Links for Writers, April 10, 2015 Edition

> This will be useful to many writers: "How to Use Lyrics Without Paying a Fortune or a Lawyer". 

> Seems half (or more) of the writing world is at the AWP Conference in Minneapolis this week. I'm not (and NJ has been just as rainy, grey, and chilly as Minnesota!). I'm eagerly awaiting the slew of posts I know will begin appearing around the web soon from conference goers, like this one at Assay Journal (covering a panel on "Trauma, Memory, and Reimagined Pasts").  I'll round up and pass on some others next week.

> You can follow a great deal of the action, including folks posting live from panels and presentations, over on Twitter, using #AWP2015  (and, for a bit of grumpy woe, there's #NotAtAwp15 !).

> The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers 400 free downloads of art books via its MetPublications division (scroll to the end of that Open Culture post, for a link to the Guggenheim's similar offer).

> I'm so pleased to see 20 new opinion writers have been hired by the New York Times for their rotating online roster, including Roxanne Gay, Adam Grant, Mimi Swartz, Jennifer Weiner, and Molly Worthen.

> Speaking of NYT: hankering for a byline in the travel section? This Q/A with a Times travel editor offers advice.

> I let you know a few weeks ago that Literary Hub was about to launch, and it has. So far I've been intrigued by the daily link list that comes via email newsletter subscription.

> Earlier this month, on the first day of the month to be exact, The Paris Review revealed a secret (and very funny) project for young readers.

> Finally, some fun ways to display books. And this: sometimes the Google alert for my name shows me something interesting another Lisa Romeo is up to. Like this woman, who's taken grief over a brother's death and turned it into something that serves the sport he loved.

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Have a great weekend!

Image: Flickr/Creative Commons - Travis Wise


drew said...

You always have the best links.
Literary Hub looks interesting. Thanks!

Lisa Romeo said...

Thank you, Drew! I appreciate it.