Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers -- July 10, 2015 Edition

> Ever read pieces by different writers that share a specific theme/subject, and you wish you could ask both writers about them? Joe Bonomo noticed essays in two different journals that each pivot on a particularly disturbing summer, and so he invited Ann Hood and Marcia Aldrich to a joint interview.

> Interesting self-examination by an about-to-be-published memoirist, on what it means to write about others in creative nonfiction.

> Behind the shutdown: an interview with the founder of Scratch Magazine, a one-year old project to examine the relationship between writers and money, about why it is closing shop.

> In a series of audio interviews, Beyond the Blog talks to editors of popular websites and blogs (mostly those that pay), to reveal important tips about the kind of submissions they want. 

> If you've been seeing photos of people getting a semi-colon tattoo, and wondered if it was about being a writer (it's not, but there's a connection), here's the story.

> Perhaps you're already using (the free version of) Literistic to make sense of submissions calls and deadlines (in US, Canada, Great Britain), and if so, you'll be interested in this interview with the founders.  (via The Review Review)

> Freelance writers will be interested in these "10 Writing Tips From a Reader's Digest Editor,"  (which are not applicable only to RD), via Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen.

> Finally, these "Depressing Graphs for Writers," by Rebecca Makkai at the Ploughshares blog, are just what you need to complete a summer Friday (when you may already be tempted to quit working at noon or take the day off or pour the wine early...)

Have a great weekend!

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drew said...

Lisa, I really like your Friday Roundups. You ARE a sharp hostess. :)

But this week is especially superb. The Rebecca Makkai graphs are so funny because they are so true.

Thank you!