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Editorial Services -- Hire Me for Editing, Feedback, Consultation, Writing, Ghostwriting, Collaboration

If you need help on a manuscript in development, or for shorter pieces; if you are bogged down and don't have the time or expertise to write or edit a particular project; or have any other editorial needs that require a personal, creative, careful approach, perhaps we can work together.

I am an experienced, thoughtful editor, and I work with writers of fiction or nonfiction.

My rates are reasonable and I have many satisfied clients. I'm flexible, reliable, and professional. As a working writer myself, I hate to see other writers waste time or money, so if I'm not a good match I'll say so, and if possible, refer you on to someone else.

We find out by talking about your needs. There's never a fee for an initial phone consultation.  

2017 Fees

Individual pieces of (short) writing
$ 6.50 per original page
$ 3.50 per revised page (second / subsequent versions)

Telephone/Skype: $80/ hr
In-person:  $ 95 / hr

Coaching:  $325 / month (any consecutive 4-week period)
- Customized for each client.
-  May include any/all: telephone calls; strategic goal setting; productivity/accountability check-ins; detailed editorial feedback for up to 12,000 words (approx 42 pages); unlimited email exchanges; two in-person meetings (if client is local or visiting area); specific craft advice, lessons, resources; writing exercises/prompts; submissions consultation.
- Appropriate for writers working on: essays, short stories, blog posts/blog development, short memoir pieces, poems, full novel or memoir manuscripts, chapbook organization/submission, anthology development/editing, book ideas in development, MFA research/applications/portfolios, columns, freelance strategies/querying/ submissions, book marketing/publicity, etc.

You can reserve coaching directly at my Coaching Page.

Book-length manuscripts

Full editorial package – up to 280* pages - $885
 - includes complete reading; full detailed on-text notes & global editing suggestions, organizational recommendations, craft and story analysis, etc.; a substantial editorial summary report (about 5-8 single-spaced pages); three telephone calls (one before, one during, one after); unlimited emails for several weeks after return of material.
-    Additional pages $2.75/ each
-     Line and copy edits (punctuation, usage, grammar, spelling, etc.), additional $200

The Read and Report package – up to 280* pages - $250
- Includes reading of full manuscript; summary report (approx 2 pages); two phone calls (before & after), limited emails.
Additional pages $1.75/ each

Other Services – custom priced, after email and/or phone discussion:
-   - Ghostwriting (blog posts, as-told-to, essays, chapters, books, social media posts)
-    - Editing (anthology pieces, websites, articles, dissertations)
-     - Editorial feedback, consultation (MFA portfolios; query letters; synopses; book proposals)
-     - Writing (features; criticism; web copy; corporate/marketing/business materials; press releases; testimonials; newsletters)
-    - Anything else you can think of—if it involves words.    

       To get started, drop me an email.

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