Monday, September 8, 2008

Something to Start Your Week

The New York Review of Books is podcasting. Currently, among other offerings: Mary Beard on humor in ancient Rome, Michael Chabon on the Democratic National Convention, and New York Times executive editor Joseph Lelyveld on the Republican National Convention.

Brooklyn Book Festival is this coming Sunday, and if my heel spurs cooperate, I'll be running around – OK, walking slowly – to take it all in. On the schedule are dozens of readings by fine writers which interest me, but bearing in mind my family might tag along, I've also checked off a panel on Writing Funny, two that target food and eating in prose, a Six Word Memoir reading, and my dynamic friend, poet Patricia Smith who can enthrall anyone.

Writers who combine magazine and other journalism work with books are of special interest to me, and most especially when they live practically in my backyard. And while that's usually nearby
Montclair (where it seems one cannot turn around without bumping into a writer or other media sort), sometimes it's nice to see another Jersey girl doing well – like Jancee Dunn, from Chatham, about 10 miles away.

Congrats to my fellow
Stonecoast alum, Raye Tibbitts, who is taking on the editor-in-chief post for the print magazine edition of Motherwords, with the end-of-year holiday issue.

An author reading addict? If you haven't already (I know I've mentioned this at least once before), think about signing up for
BookTour. You get a weekly email listing author readings, appearances and other new-book-related events in your area -- free. Authors, book publicists, or event planners should be posting your events there – also free. Doesn't get much better than free on a Monday morning.

Have a great (and productive) week!

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Michelle O'Neil said...

Book Tour is awesome Lisa! Thanks! Good luck at the book festival this weekend! Your poor feet!