Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: March 19th Edition

Welcome and thanks to all my new readers! For those who don't know, on Fridays I toss up links I've come across all week, things writers might find useful, entertaining, informative, or just fun. It's called a Fridge Clean-Out in honor of the way I feed my family on Friday nights, using up everything that's accumulated in the fridge all week. Sometimes it's tasty, other times just edible, kind of like these Friday lists. Enjoy.

►The coming headache for agents and authors over rights in relation to enhanced eBooks, which are on the way, folks.

►A peek at a two-author couch-surfing DIY book tour.

►Authors must sell their books. On tour or not. Anywhere. Everywhere. Even if it makes the author herself uncomfortable.

►You’ve heard of Six Word Memoirs, right? For the brevity-challenged, now there’s Six Sentences.

►Need a writing prompt or a story starter? At this site, just slide your cursor over a number (from 1 to 346) and see what pops up.

► And finally, just for fun, try book review bingo, based on one writer’s list of the 20 most annoying book reviewing words and phrases.

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