Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: March 26th Edition

► Thinking of self-publishing? Nathan Bransford suggests asking yourself these key questions.

►Jim Hines asked 246 novelists how they made their first book sale and whether they were “overnight successes,” how many years it took, if it mattered who they knew, how much perseverance played a part.

►As I noted last week, David Shields’s newest book, Reality Hunger, is getting a lot of attention for its unique structure, open reliance on other writers’ work, and predictions on the future of both fiction and nonfiction. He’s interviewed over at GQ.

►In a thoughtful post, novelist Jane Ward tackles why writers need social media.

►What do you want to write before your time is up?

►Used to be, freelance writers pitched ideas when they wanted to, to the editors they wanted to. Now, Jenny Allen describes an altered landscape.

►You’ve probably heard of National Novel Writing Month when, each November, tens of thousands of aspiring novelists commit to churning out a 50,000 manuscript. Now, the same folks are sponsoring Script Frenzy for the month of April. To date, 13,261 scribes have signed up to each produce a 100 page script.

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