Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: June 18th Edition

I'm dealing with an annoying, painful (but thankfully not-serious physical ailment); hence the lack of regular posts. There is a definite connection between unremitting pain, lack of sleep, and the inability to write (or even think) clearly. Things are under control now, so I hope to resume posting, beginning with this short, catch-up Friday list. Many thanks to those who sent emails asking if I was okay. I am.

► At YourTango's LoveMom blog this week, I wrote a piece titled, "Does Parenthood Mean You're Grounded?" For a long time, I thought (and acted as if) it did, and then I smartened up. I hope you'll click over and read it.

Shelf is a planned iPad magazine, set to debut in September, with the emphasis on books, reviews, independent bookstores, author interviews and excerpts. The first 10,000 people to connect on Facebook (search for Shelf Magazine) or contact the publisher by email, get a free download of the premiere issue.

► If you haven't read last week's guest post by novelist Laraine Herring and her new book, Ghost Swamp Blues, I hope you will. Leave a comment at that post to win a signed copy of her book (now extended until June 25).

►And finally, this fun little Tumblr, SlushPileHell, where "a grumpy literary agent wades through query fails" kept me amused this past week or so.

Have a great weekend.


Strangling My Muse said...

Sorry you're dealing with pain, Lisa. I had a similar issue recently, and wrote about staying creative while in physical and/or emotional pain on my blog:
Write Through Your Pain.

I am sending good vibes your way. I hope you feel better very soon!


Susan Bearman said...

Hope your pain has subsided and I'm glad to see you up and writing.