Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: June 4th Edition

►The Paris Review now has a daily blog intended, according to the quarterly's editor as "…a way to keep in touch with our readers between issues, and to call attention to our favorite writers and artists in something close to real time."

► I loved this many-times-published Canadian author's letter to his younger writer self.

► Interesting guest post by Neil George Ayres over on Juxtabook, about his latest book, The New Goodbye, a novel that's also a multi-arts iPhone app.

► Check out the new online magazine, The Good Men Project, and an interview with the editor.

► Yes, lists are often tedious, perhaps even the New Yorker's upcoming inventory of top writers under age 40 (due out Monday). But the drama behind the scenes is usually fun, though some might find that also tedious. Well, Ward Six has had enough and counters with this list of 10 productive writers over age 80.

► Some interesting interviews with writers about craft at the website for Seeing and Writing.

► I've occasionally linked over to Pimp My Novel, a good (and often entertaining) source of publishing industry information. The blog needs five guest posters for later this month (it's competitive, folks).

► And finally, if you are interested in the process of editing an anthology, scroll down to yesterday's post, an interview with Verna Dreisbach, who edited the recently-released essay collection, Why We Ride: Women Writers on the Horses in Their Lives. Plus, I’m giving away a free copy, so leave a comment at that post (not here), for a shot at the book.

Have a great weekend.

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