Friday, October 1, 2010

Next Daily Writing Prompt Project Begins Today

I planned a longish post today about writing prompts, and why I love them and how much I enjoy sending them out and all the great feedback I've gotten from fellow writers about how they use the prompts, and lot of other prompt-related stuff.

Instead, I'm just going to say hey, the new round begins today.

It works like this: Sign up, receive a writing prompt in your email every day until Thanksgiving. The prompts are suitable for all kinds of writers. Any genre. Free. Simple. No expectations. No obligations. Join in anytime, opt out anytime. Use the prompt. Don't use it. Save it. Share it. Delete it. You choose.

To get on the list, send an email. Please put Prompts in the subject line.

You can read more about why I started this prompt project earlier this year, what writers have said about it, and why you might want to consider participating: here and here and here and here. The Women on Writing site also ran this recent article about how prompts and writing exercises can motivate and inspire.

Update: The email link in this post appears to be working now. If not, use the email link button on the left sidebar, or simply:

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Thank you for offering these Lisa. I appreciate it.