Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, June 3, 2011 Edition

► Some interesting posts and interviews lately over on the blog of the Denver Independent Creative Writing Program, like this one by Robin Black, which discusses, in part, one of my favorite craft topics – writing beginnings.

►As always, Dani Shapiro nails it with this post about the grit (not glitter) of the writer's life.

►Poynter offers this round-up of links to an interview series with prominent food writers, about the current status, impact and future of food writing.

►Lisa Tener ran a terrific interview about writing memoir, with one of my favorite writers (and mentors), Richard Hoffman, memoirist and poet.

►Want to make sure your book will be a formatter's nightmare if it goes on the Kindle? Just follow the advice of Garth Risk Hallberg's Seven Steps to Kindle-Proof Your Book at The Millions. You will be in dubiously fabulous company, by the way.

►Editors and other staffers of the New York Times Sunday Magazine publish a blog, The 6th Floor.

►Finally if, like me, you find the disclaimers/authors' notes at the front of many modern memoirs of interest, you'll love this mash-up by Marty Kihn, which combines not just new, but older and unexpected ones as well.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say it's great to have you back. I don't comment often, but I read your blog faithfully. Fridays aren't really Fridays without one of your fabulous fridge clean-outs. Many thanks.

Shaun Hunter

Lisa Romeo said...

Thanks so much! Like most other writers, I keep trying to balance out the blogging w/everything else...
- Lisa

doreen said...

I am a new visitor and enjoyed getting lost in your blog and a few others...
Now I must go write something!

Lisa Romeo said...

Doreen - thanks for stopping by; hope you'll visit again. - Lisa