Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, Jan. 13, 2012 Edition

►Copyblogger recently listed Ten Terrific Creative Writing Blogs.

►On the Los Angeles Times' Jacket Copy blog, 25 authors note New Year's resolutions, some funny, some quite serious, many about finding more time to write and to read.

►Three new blogs I recently discovered that you might like:  Three Guys One Book, The Memoir Project (Marion Roach Smith) and Literary Writers Network.

► Every independent bookstore needs to take this message to its "shoppers" (notice I didn't write "customers". 

►And while on that subject, though I couldn't find a video of a performance, some equally good lyrics, to the John McCutcheon song, Closing the Bookstore Down.

Duotrope, a highly usefil site that lists literary journals and offers multiple excellent submission stats, tools and tracking systems, is planning to branch out into nonfiction.

►Creative writing teachers (and students too) what do you think?  Is the idea of teaching one writing skill at a time at odds with the workshop approach and does it matter?

►At Terrible Minds, Charles Wendig wrote my favorite kind of writing advice post: the no B.S., no spin, not nicey-nice kind:  25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing. Head over, and brace yourself.

►Finally, I'll be sending out daily Writing Prompts again beginning Friday, January 20, for six weeks. 

Have a great weekend!


Marion Roach Smith said...

Hi, Lisa
I am delighted to be listed here in your recent discoveries. Many thanks.Looking forward to reading you and getting to know one another.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Great news about Duotrope and nonfiction. Glad you included it in your list. I read Marion Roach Smith's memoir book and loved it. I'm doing five pages a day, a week. Today, I finished page 50. It's a vomit draft as she calls it. The key for me is that I'm writing and moving forward. Then, I'll revise and repeat.

Lisa Romeo said...

Marion - Glad you stopped by!
Stacy - That is such good news about your rough draft progressing along. More reason to listen to Marion!