Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, Jan. 20, 2012 Edition

I've been crazy busy (thank the freelance gods), so even the link list is short this week. But I am cooking up several author interviews and guest posts for the next month or so, including one with the inimitable Bill Roorbach. So stay tuned. Meanwhile...

►Some good tips from Robert Lee Brewer about experimenting as a writer, and getting out of that comfort zone.

► I try to keep tabs on the precious few book manuscript contests for creative nonfiction, and found this one, from Zone 3 press, with a May 1 deadline. 

► Robert Vivian has some thoughts on the meditative essay.

►If you are considering adding a new poetry book to your collection, NPR previews a dozen good ones set for 2012 release.

►As a teenager, I wanted to be a sports columnist for the New York Times; and still love to read their sports pages. Yesterday, Jere Longman's column hit several of my buttons -- Royal gossip, an equestrian athlete, jocks behaving badly (in this case rugby players), and anything British. But mostly I loved it because of Longman's excellent craft and hilarious style.

►Finally, wouldn't be cool if a U.S. department store held literary events, housed a reading space, and if a fast food chain on this side of the pond were to give away, oh 9 million books? 

Note: Registration is now open for The Submissions Project - an online class to help you get active in the area of moving your work out into the world. Begins Feb 27.

Have a great weekend!

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