Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers, May 11, 2012 Edition

► Wonder how authors decide on book titles? (Hint: they often don't. Publishers' marketing departments do.) 
► I know, I know, no Pulitzer was awarded this year for fiction…but in case you wondered about the other winners, the list is here.
► On a related note, there also was no award in the nonfiction manuscript category this year for the Bakeless Prize (administered through Bread Loaf Writer's Conference and Greywolf Press). Sigh.
►I'm interested in Pressfolios, a new site where a freelance writer can build an online portfolio. GalleyCat reviewed it.
► Ever wonder if a publishing "opportunity" is really just a scam or at most, borderline ethical?  Writer Beware and Preditors & Editors may help.
► Some of these "super sad true habits of highly effective writers" you may not want to know. But there's also a bit of reassurance, too.
 In case you missed it, here is the essay by Meg Wolitzer from the New York Times Book Review which sparked a lot of discussion the last six weeks about women who write literary novels and why they still aren't included in fiction's elite.
► Finally, England's largest online bookseller has a fun new feature that lets anyone see what books have sold and in what worldwide location, in real time.
Have a great weekend!

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