Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 20 Posts from 2013: Guest Bloggers, Authors, Readers, and Writing Friends Rock!

As 2014 approaches, I want to thank all of my 2013 blog visitors—loyal readers who stop by frequently as well as occasional drop-ins. It means a lot to think that any of the 78 posts that appeared here this year have contributed to your writing life!

A check of the blog's stats reveals the top posts of 2013 and guess what? Many of them aren't even completely "mine," and I don’t care! Some are the work of my lovely guest bloggers, others are author interviews; writer friends I admire, and who have generously shared their time, advice, insights, frustrations, tips, craft, and journey with others on the writing path.

If you missed a few, here are the 20 most read posts of the year (exclusive of the Friday Fridge Clean-Outs, which often score high, sometimes for an obvious reason, sometimes for no reason I can determine):

Writers: A Year-End Call for *I Did It* Lists. Join me?

Guest Blogger Patricia Berry on Finding the Essay at AWP

Guest Blogger Christi Craig on a Writing Retreat, Place, Atmosphere, and a Nod from the Universe

Thanks, Gratitude, and Other Stuff Related to Writing, Thanksgiving, and Holidays

Guest Blogger Lesley Green Leben on Anticipation, Inspiration, Hard Work and Taking Risks at the Southampton Arts Writers Conference

Author Interview: Kate Hopper on Writing, Craft, Motherhood, and Her Memoir, Ready For Air

Guest Blogger Drew Myron with Ten Tips to Giving a Good Reading

Guest Blogger Karen Pullen on Writers Police Academy. Or, Wake Up and Smell the C4

Guest Blogger Shaun Hunter On Going Public With Her Memoir Manuscript

Old Habits, New Habits, Weight Loss and Writing

The Personal Essay and Me: The sudden path from zero to urgent

When "So what?" is a perfectly good response.

Guest Blogger Tom Mallouk, on Writing Poetry (or anything) and the Joy (!) of the Workshop

Guest Blogger Ryder S. Ziebarth on Her First AWP Conference

Guest Blogger Ruth Foley on: Poem Series That Take You Hostage, and Three Possible Escape Routes

Editor Q & A: Suzannah Windsor, of Compose, on Starting the Journal, Submissions, and Full Plates

The Good, the Bad, the Uncomfortable: The MFA, Five Years Later

Every Writer Can Get Something Out of NaNo -- Whether Signed Up or Not

Looking Inside: Creative Nonfiction in the Fall Issue of Compose

Guest Blogger John Merson on Writing Memoir About War and its Personal Aftermath

All good wishes for the New Year!  In 2014, I'll try my best to bring you more and even better posts!


Unknown said...

Holy Cow! I'm honored! Thanks, Lisa and her readers! Happy New Year.

drew said...

I sure appreciate you! You open your world to other writers, and that spirit of generosity informs my own actions. Thank you.