Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hug a Librarian Today - or at least say something nice

Quick, besides your local independent bookstore, your writing group, and your local writing center (if you are lucky enough to have one nearby), as a writer, what's your most important local resource?

If you answered your local library, then stop in some time this week and say thank you – maybe to the reference librarian you pester when your research is bogged down, or the children's specialist who keeps your little ones engaged (and fertilizes the next generation of readers), or the inter-loan expert who tracks down those obscure out-of-print texts. Or, the web wizard who helped you figure out the best way to word your searches.

Where would writers be without libraries and the folks who work there?

At my local library, they set up cookies and coffee yesterday to
celebrate National Library Week. Tomorrow, I’m bringing them flowers.


Melanie Gold said...
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Melanie Gold said...

I stopped by my local public library the other day to support it fiscally through my overdue-book fines and was reminded of a wonderful research librarian who passed away about 5 years ago. Her name was Rhea Nagle, she was a cookbook collector, and her office door sign said something like, "Librarians hold the keys to the universe. Treat them well." I miss her and appreciated her attention to detail.

Speaking of details, here's something fun. Let's say I TAG you and ask you to post 6 random things about yourself here at your blog. I was tagged too, so I've posted the rules at

Lyz said...

I tagged you in a meme