Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tips

►If, like me, you still have a bunch of VHS tapes in your family room tucked behind the DVDs, and you want to toss the phone when you can't break through a company's automated voice-prompt system and get an actual human voice, you're going to love this: the techie wizards who control "content" (and thus our entire future writing lives) are slowly abandoning MS WORD and all future copy (sorry, I mean content) may have to be entered straight to a "content platform."

►Readings by faculty members and visiting writers at the Stonecoast MFA winter residency are now
up in podcast form over at the Maine Humanities Council. A few I especially enjoyed were visiting novelist Tayari Jones, and the 3-5 minute "flash readings" by several faculty members.

►If I were going to be in the Los Angeles area this coming weekend, you'd definitely find me at the
Los Angeles Times' Festival of Books. Check it out, my West Coast friends!

►Your book coming out soon? You might want to get this
free email newsletter, with ideas even first time authors with barely any budget can do on their own to build book buzz. (Sign-up is at the bottom of the hard-sell home page; but the newsletter delivers).


Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the possible abandonment of Word. I bought a PC two years ago to replace my beloved Mac (it made sense because of the consulting work I was doing then), but since I became a full-time writer last year I've been pining for that little G4. I can't justify buying a new Mac yet, but the other day I actually found myself dreaming about it and wondering if I'd have to buy Office software or not. (These are the things I think about instead of the important stuff, like, um, writing.)

That's a long way to go to say maybe I won't have to buy Office after all. It makes you wonder how easy it will be to convert the bajillion Word docs we have, though. Stone tablets, here I come!

P.S. Lisa - love your blog.

Lisa R. said...

Thanks, Deonne.

I've actually been hearing about new sites that will convert all those WORD files for free -- well, for those willing to sit through a bunch of ads, I suppose, or some such. I'm going to dig that up for a future post.