Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still only Tuesday?

►Are you signed up to get a Poem-a-Day during April? I am and so far, so good.

►Authors, future authors and others are in varying states of
intrigue, anguish, and both over the announcement of a new Harper Collins imprint, which plans to eliminate advances in favor of profit sharing. Hmm.

►I love it when the mail carrier – whom I watch with way too much interest whilst procrastinating at my computer, positioned so that I can look out my front window – heads to my porch with an armload of small packages marked "media mail." This week he's already dropped off
Sundays in America: A Yearlong Road Trip in Search of Christian Faith, by Suzanne Strempek Shea; and Good Neighbors, Bad Times: Echoes of My Father's German Village, by Mimi Schwartz.

Suzanne, whose workshops I've learned from, writes about her adventure attending a Protestant service at a different (and in many cases, unusual) American church every Sunday for a year. Mimi, a generous and wise writer whom I once interviewed for a research project about women memoirists, undertook a 10+ year project, tracking down the stories her father told around her childhood kitchen table about a place where, "before Hitler, everyone got along." New Englanders might be able to catch one of Suzanne's readings/appearances, and for those of you in the Princeton, NJ area or New Hampshire, check out Mimi's calendar. When I get the chance to read them, I'll let you know more about each.

What are you looking forward to reading?

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