Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Writer at Home: Working, working, day and...oh, forget it.

Yes, it's just a Tuesday in early July, and I'm working, working, working day and....oh, forget it. Today, the pull of the 52-inch TV is just too much, and even if I don't quite understand why I'm so drawn to it, I've decided not to fight it: To the couch then, with the laptop. Meanwhile, I'll pass on a few items of interest...

> Those who wish to get feedback on their work from qualified published writers, but would like to do so on a controlled hourly basis instead of committing to a more structured and expensive multi-week course, ought to check out the affordably priced Dzanc Creative Writing Sessions.

> Just in case you think you've written a really terrible sentence (or in my case, when you are absolutely sure you have), take heart. At least your prose didn't win this contest.

> Great guest post over at literary agent Nathan Bransford's blog, with plenty of insider info on how books get sold -- not to the public, but to bookstores. Definitely worth a read.

> When a writer needs a freelance editor for his or her manuscript, here are some excellent tips on how to choose one, from acquisitions editor and freelance developmental editor Alan Rinzler.

> Looking for reviews of a particular book and not especially interested in wading through what Google has to offer? Check out Metacritic, where all of the major reviews for any book are grouped, sorted, annotated, and linked.

> If you are female and a writer, you need to get involved over at SheWrites.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh Lisa,

I love it when you sit on the couch and watch TV. Such good material here.

Thank you!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

I agree with Michelle This is an awesome site and I will now make it one that I visit each week.