Monday, May 3, 2010

Another online home for my writing

From the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion:

Motherhood and marriage at midlife – navigating the miserable and the marvelous – will be the subjects of my bi-weekly essays over at Your Tango’s new Love, Mom blog. My first piece looks at how fervently my husband yearned for fatherhood, while I was initially reluctant about motherhood. It begins like this:

“Other women had it. Even my husband had it: the desire to spawn. It's true: my husband wanted kids more than I did. Wanted them in the way it seemed other (normal?) women did, with a longing, a yearning, a confidence that parenthood was vital to adult life. Me? I figured we'd have a pretty good life either with children or without.
Then, I experienced three years of infertility, which made getting pregnant its own goal. I wanted it to work, which of course isn't the same as wanting to be a mother.
Still, a husband's heart's desire is something strong.”

You can read the rest here. I’ll be there every other Monday. Hope you’ll check in from time to time.

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Sarah Nagel said...

Congrats on a bi-weekly essay gig! I look forward to reading your stuff. Your Tango is fun :)