Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: May 21st Edition

Real Delia’s Wednesday tips post this week was all about generating ideas, in some not-so-usual ways.

►Wondering if it’s okay to use that image you found online? Getty Images has put up StockPhotoRights, an easy-to-navigate new site to help with that and other questions.

►Who didn’t love Betty White on SNL? Can a writer learn anything from White’s career longevity? This literary agent thinks so.

►Been invited to write a guest blog post? Or wondering if guest blogging might enhance your career and/or book marketing efforts? C.M. Mayo has tips, offered via – what else – a guest post over at Christina Baker Kline’s blog.

►Check out this interview over at HuffPo, with John McNally about his new novel After The Workshop, a satire set against the backdrop of the Iowa Writers Workshop.

►Have you read any of these seven online literary magazines, given a rave review by, of all sites, ModCloth? There were two on the list I hadn’t read checked out before

►And finally: rejection is hard, but these 50 famous rejections seem cruel, at least in retrospect.

Have a great weekend.

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