Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean Out: Links for Writers – August 6th Edition

August in New Jersey. Does "HHH" mean anything to you? Here, it's shorthand for hazy, hot and humid. Did I say it's hot? And humid, as in 80 percent humidity? Hope it's nicer where you are. Here are this week's links, shorter than usual. Because it's hot. And humid.

►All in one place, links to the Greatest Magazine Articles ever, including Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, Consider the Lobster, and so many other classics of literary journalism (via Dinty Moore).

► Continuing on the theme, Joe Tone gives us six of them, re-imagined for the digital age. Example: "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold. What it Would Look Like Today: @GayTaleseEsq RT @OldBlueEyes: I'm feeling kind of sniffly. Think I may be coming down with something."

► Do you feel like you're always on, as a writer? Linda Sienkiewicz does.

► An indie bookstore in literary Brooklyn might not be the best example of the health of the rest of the industry, but it's still pretty interesting to peer into Greenlight Bookstore's ledgers. And, isn't the place gorgeous?

► Today's the last day to enter for a free copy of the memoir The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry (Kathleen Flinn). Go to last week's Friday Fridge post and leave a comment by midnight tonight.

► Finally, that's one way to create book buzz, or maybe two: (1) Hire folks to make it appear they are loving the experience of reading your book (in public), and then (2) garner coverage for the stunt. I ain't criticizing. Book publicity is hard.

Have a great weekend.


Linda said...

and you're certainly a writer who's always on too. Makes me long to workshop with you at the Stone House again! Thanks for the mention.

Catherine Stine said...

Hi Lisa
It's HHH in NYC too. Greenlight Bookstore, eh? Looks amazing!!! Worth trekking to Brooklyn for! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.