Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rice and Reading and More

In the spirit of the universal need for procrastination websites that actually serve a purpose, here's one to boost your vocabulary and, at no cost, send food where it's needed too. Go ahead, word lovers, show off a little. Click here to play.

Every few days, a different Iowa writer is featured on
this website, dedicated to putting a spotlight on the poets, fiction and nonfiction writers in that talent-rich state.

Next time you clear out the clutter, see if there is a Magazine Literacy collection point near you. Their mission: "At MagazineLiteracy.org, we get new and recycled magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of at-risk children and families so they can learn and love to read." Check
the site for more info and local initiatives – if your area is not represented, maybe you can be the one to get something going.

Freelancers, have you heard of
Reporterist? Two enterprising individuals are testing a new web-based service to connect freelance writers with editors. Sounds like it more or less eliminates the often time-consuming pitch/query/response/submission process. The concept: write something, post it on a secure site, an editor "shops", and makes an offer….there's a lot more to it, as the folks at the Online Journalism Review found out, so read more here. I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried this or any other such services, such as WonderVoice.

Reading right now: The teetering pile of magazines that have piled up since the holidays…and you?

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