Friday, February 1, 2008

Tired, Sore...Charged Up

What do you get when you attend the first day of the biggest writing conference in the country in the city that is home to more writers than any other? Besides a sore you-know-what from sitting all day at panel after seminar after presentation, a sore arm from carrying a tote that quickly fills with give-away literary journals from the bookfair tables, and a serious case of laptop withdrawal and sticker shock ($19 for Caesar Salad)?

Why, you get a bunch of terrific ideas, an overflowing handful of new contacts, and the overwhelmingly satisfying feeling of having connected with writing friends not seen in weeks, months or maybe years. That’s how I felt last night after my first day at AWP in New York City

It would take me house to relate all I heard and learned…and so I won’t.

Just one tidbit from the day…from the panel Do You Have to Be Mean to Be Funny?
- “Always make fun up the ladder, and only for things people can be held accountable for.” – David Rakoff
- “Choose big targets, or else it’s bullying. Presidents are good. Most of the work is done for you and you’re just reporting the ridiculous.” – Roger Rosenblatt
- “An interesting question. Last night my boyfriend and I tried an experiment. He said, ‘You try to be nice to me all night and we’ll see if I laugh.’” – Patricia Marx

Back to the circus today…my family hopes I’ll remember the way home sometime tonight.

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