Friday, February 8, 2008

Show Me the Modern Love

If, like me, you start your attack on the Sunday New York Times by reading all the personal essay columns -- Lives, Generations, Home Work, Rituals, Book Review Essay, and especially the Style Section's Modern Love, then this article – about Modern Love's popularity and the power of a Modern Love byline in garnering book deals for some of its authors -- is sure to either give you encouragement, get you depressed, or both. In any case, it's certainly of interest.

Which makes me wonder. How many of you writers have "get published in Modern Love" on your writing-goal radar? I'll admit it's always on mine, though the intensity wavers; otherwise how to explain that I've made only one submission ever (and yes, received a rejection).

So fess up. Do you hanker for a Modern Love byline? Made any submissions? Gotten any feedback? Is there any other column or piece of journalistic real estate – in the Times or elsewhere – that represents your ultimate byline nirvana?


Anonymous said...

I sure hanker for a Modern Love credit. How do you submit to them? I wonder if they'd be interested in an essay on phone sex.


Lyz said...

I do hanker for a modern love byline, but I haven't been able to think of a good essay, which is more than half the problem.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I've applied to Warren Wilson, Pacific, Lesley, Queens, Antioch, Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa (M.A.).

Where do you go?

Lisa Romeo said...


What a good list of programs you have applied to. I am at Stonecoast (Univ. of So. Maine, finishing in July).

At the end, I was choosing between Stonecoast and Lesley (for low-res) and The New School (I live near NYC). I think I made the right decision, but the truth is, maybe I would have been fine anywhere: It's more about how you "work" the program, I think.

Ah, that elusive Modern Love essay idea...just when I think I've figured out what they want, they run a piece out of left field...and today, no ML column at all!

Good luck waiting for those MFA acceptances. Let me know how it turns out.

Lisa Romeo said...

Oh, Lindakays,

Phone sex, real sex, imagined sex, no sex, I think ML probably is interested in it all...or not. That's the quandary with that column, isn't it?

When you have something: modernlove at nytimes dot com

I just LOVE seeing a writer friend score that ML byline. Good luck.

- Lisa