Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Department of Shameless Self Promotion: One savvy author, one of my essays. It's a win-win..

A short, nontraditional piece I wrote is one of five winners in the 31 Hours Contest, featuring essays about parental intuition. The pieces are featured on the website of author Masha Hamilton, who ran the contest in connection with her new novel, 31 Hours, which traces a mother's deep intuition about her son through a compelling story of compassion and complications. You can read the contest winners, including my piece, 43 Lies About My Child, here.


Kristy Lund said...

Very cool! I know those voices.

Debra Marrs said...

Congratulations, Lisa. Your essay is exquisite, stunning and so well-crafted. I love frag memoir, and your entry nourished my never-ending desire for more of it. You deserve the accolades. Congratulations! Well done.


Andrea said...

Wonderful--both humorous and heart-wrenching (my favorite combination).

Anonymous said...

You made my heart ache with your beautiful writing.

Mary said...

Hi Lisa,

Your essay is great, an inspiration. I could have written it. But it is you who did, and that makes all the difference.



PS: Can I be in your writing group?