Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: October 10th Edition

Let's get right to the Friday links.

► Peter Selgin, novelist, essayist, editor of the food-themed literary journal Alimentum, and writing teacher extraordinaire, offers a free critique on a first page of a work in progress. Though posted anonymously, it does go up on his blog, so others can learn too. Or maybe you'd rather just sign up for Peter's weeklong workshop in Vitorchiano, Italy instead? Yeah, me too.

► Anyone interested in poetry in New Jersey, will want to bookmark the New Jersey Poets & Poetry Blog, where Anthony Buccino (also known as the man who clearly never sleeps), lists readings, festivals, open mics, classes, new books by NJ poets – and all other news a Garden State poet or poetry lover might need.

► When you have a few minutes (you know, in between your day job and your writing time), read Emily St. John Mandel's pragmatic and elegant essay over at The Millions, so aptly titled, Working the Double Shift.

Women's Memoirs is a site I just discovered. And it's of interest to, well, women who are writing memoirs.

► The Southern Festival of Books starts today and runs through Sunday in Nashville. A few writers I'd want to hear from who are on the huge agenda: Jacquelyn Mitchard, Dr. Peri Klass, Rick Bragg, Karen McElmurray, Jill McCorkle. At the Festival's website, author podcasts are also available from previous years (scroll down a bit on the page for the link).

► New Englanders, the Boston Book Festival is October 24. As of now, there are still spots in the free morning Jump Start Your Writing session, sponsored by Grub Street.

► While I haven't researched it deeply, this listing of 50 online courses – many free, and some listed at major universities -- may be a good resource for those who need to learn to write for the web.

► I haven't had much time this week to explore it, but I'm eager to see what folks think about the Huffington Post's new Books News and Opinion section (or, to call it by its webby name: the HuffPo's book vertical…which means, uh, book section). Check it out.

► Hofstra University has a reading series, open to the public. And Patricia Hampl is in town next week. Who knew?

Lit Drift. Good posts. Every single day.

►And finally, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. Population: 1,500. Bookstores: 30. Really

Have a great weekend.


Mary Rose Webster said...

Lisa, I do enjoy your blog. I have spent the evening perusing the treasures from your fridge. First Peter Selgin, then "Working the Double Shift." Lots to think about there. And then on to Lit Drift. Is this your day job, Lisa, finding all this stuff? And, almost forgot, I chimed in on "Making Modern Love," another of my favorite blogs. Imagine, a writing community right here at my breakfast room table. But you really didn't post that at 3:15AM, did you? Mary

Lisa Romeo said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks so much for your kind words - I'm so glad you enjoy the blog and the links.

While I am definitely a night person, and often find myself at the keyboard as late at 1:00, in this case, it was a matter of using the advanced scheduling timer on Blogger, allowing me to put up posts in the wee hours so readers who start their days at 5 or 6 a.m. can check in.

Why anyone would be up at those hours however, is a question I will never be able to answer! said...

As always, thanks Lisa, for the weekly gold mine!