Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Belated. Blame it on The Boss

Friday links coming at you on Saturday. Blame it on The Boss. Apparently, I am incapable of attending a Bruce Springsteen concert at Giants Stadium (down the road from my hometown), and also putting up a blog post all on the same day.

►Poet (and memoirist) Mark Doty will read and lead discussions and workshops at Centenary College of New Jersey on October 19 and 20. The events are free and open to the public. Since this is practically in my backyard, I'm hoping to attend at least a portion of the proceedings on the gorgeous rural campus.

►Those familiar with Julia Cameron's books, beginning with The Artist's Way -- whether faithful followers of her suggestions to enhance creative flow, such as Morning Pages, or interested in learning more about the advice thousands of successful artists heed -- you will want to watch some or all of these six video interviews.

►For authors who find they must do all or most of their own book publicity (um, I think that means just about every author these days), I hear this online course, taught by Sandra Beckwith, is excellent, and it's certainly very affordable. The next session begins Monday Oct. 5, but explore her Build Book Buzz site for newsletter sign-up, and additional dates and learning opportunities.

►Speaking of self-promotion, Kelly Corrigan, author of The Middle Place, a memoir, took matters into her own (apparently quite capable) hands, with enviable results.

► Last week was Banned Books Week, when a concerted effort was made nationwide to fight against this obnoxious concept. Like all such good causes however, it's worth remember every week.

► A literary journal outselling the looming symbol of bestsellerdom? Well, it may be only one bookstore, but I really like knowing that in one little corner of the literary world, things are as they should be.

►And finally, please take a minute to entertain yourself with this clever Seussian ditty by Jim C. Hines, which begins, "I read slush. Slush I read…." and gets better and better with every line. (thanks to Nathan Bransford's blog for pointing me to this).

Have a great (rest of the) weekend. As for me, I'll just be sitting here thinking about glory days…Don't anyone tell me that the great lyricists are not also poets.
Or, that my husband, who is not a big Springsteen fan (yeah I know, but he has other qualities), didn't just earn himself nearly a complete nag-free year by: buying tickets in good seats, for more than we budget for an entire six months of entertainment, for one of Bruce's last concerts ever in Giants Stadium, on the night of my birthday, four months in advance, keeping it secret until a week ago, outsourcing the children, then cheering even louder (I think) than me, and arranging for the rain to hold off till the final half-hour. See? Other qualities.


Michelle O'Neil said...

So glad you had a wonderful experience for your birthday! You deserve it.

Can't wait to watch the Cameron videos! Thanks!

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