Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: February 5 Edition

Having a busy week, and one deadline still ahead. Here are a few quick links for your weekend. Me, I'll be snowed in, which I will love. What reader wouldn't?

► Oh, boy has this condemnation of the memoir got people talking. Mostly nonfiction people. Mostly about how wrong this writer is. You decide.

►Check out this terrific interview with Dani Shapiro, whose new memoir, Devotion, is just out.

► Read Steve Almond's take on self-publishing, publishing paradigm shifts, and how he didn't really self-publish but he sort of did. And, how and why he's enjoying the process of producing and selling his own book, his way.

► Taking the "free" out of freelancer, as this post advocates – as in not agreeing to work for free – is certainly a worthy goal, but not always feasible for new writers when dozens of others are willing to do so.

►The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival will live again, this time in Newark, NJ (or, in the local parlance, just a few exits away).

►Proofreading and copy editing geeks may like this error-showcasing blog.

►And finally, just for fun: I had no idea what a "literal version" of a music video was until I saw this clever send-up of the classic, Billie Jean.

Have a great weekend.


Alexis Grant said...

Thanks for mentioning the Dani interview! Always love to see what links you come up with. said...

-As always, thanks for the great linkage Lisa!

-Reviews are fine, but blasting memoir as a genre seems like a stunt.

-The Billie Jean video is too funny.

Anonymous said...

That Billie Jean video gave me a good chuckle, thanks. I'd never heard of "literal versions" of videos. I'm off to search for more on YouTube.