Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fridge Clean-Out: July 2nd Edition

Here are just a few quick links for your long weekend. Enjoy!

►Highlights and takeaway from The Future of Freelancing conference, held last month at Stanford University, are here (see the yellow box at right of page).

►If you've been told (by a publisher, agent or writer friends) that it's time to begin blogging, or you just plain want to, but are worried about filling the screen, this post by Michelle Rafter will come in handy.

► The 10,000 Words blog asked its Twitter followers for the best advice they ever received from a mentor or colleague, and posted the results.

►And finally, what's an author to do when, following industry advice, he puts up a Facebook page using the title of his book, quickly racks up more than one-half million fans -- but almost all of them aren't even aware that it's a book they "like"? Gregory Levey discusses his strange dilemma.

Have a great weekend.

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